Monday, June 09, 2008

Drama drama

So today starts well, I am admittedly late starting but the weather is great, the birds are singing and my hay fever hasn't started playing up yet. Next follows my thoughts and actions as I enter my room...

'ah, such a nice day. Mmm coffee. oh the alarm is set again. Chris the security guard must have been here. Right Lets work. Oh, ew! whats this under my mouse and wacom? Milk? did I spill milk yesterday? No there's green in it, Pesto Humus?!! No this is too runny! It looks like bird poo! But no a bird couldn't have got in here, how could it?'

I grab a tissue and start to clean up when I notice a huge white mess under Alberto's desk.

'Oh my god, there must have been a bird in here look at that!'

I then notice some more white/green lumps on the coffee table and decide to take this curious situation to HyeBin and crew filming next door.

'You want to know something weird' I say, 'I think a bird has been in my room'

So Michelle and James follow to my room,

'Look' I say 'Look at this mess'

Gasps and awe's come from James and Michelle. Then Michelle asks the only question I hadn't thought of 'So where is it now?'

A simple and practical question.

Then it dawns on me, I look around and there fat as a chicken sitting on top of a tatty copy of Homers Odyssey is a dirty great pigeon. Its orange eye buried in its neck as it looks bloated with fear and stress. It doesn't move apart from the occational blink.

After several loud swear words of shock, we stop and James takes some pictures. HyeBin, after being dragged round by Michelle tries to shut us in and I chase it out skillfully, with a 5' piece of foam board. It left happily without too much hassle, but in its night here managed to crap on every side of the room.

My Desk is now disinfected, but the mess under Alberto's desk is too much for tissues alone. Plus I want him too see something to prove that I'm not making this up.

I will try to get the pictures off James as well.

How and when did it get in? I'll ask Alberto later if he saw this at all.

Ok, I'll start my day now. But I'm worried I'm going to find some more poo in an unexpected place. ew!

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