Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Procrastination Issues 18.

I thought I would get the new animator on my team, Little Li , into the purposeful doodles of Procrastination Issues. As you saw previous post she is already feeling the weight.

She is happier than she seems in these pics. I hope.

And So Left to right, Toby, Little Li and Rich/Guy
....and also Ness was bored and so finally came in to doodle a pic of herself for the Blog (after moaning that she wasn't on here for ages) ans she isn't even working on the film at the moment!

She is currently standing in for Sara Deane shooting Li's (Animation Director) stop motion film and had to be out of the room whilst Aardmans David Sproxton was shown the sets.
I have also added links to sites where you can find the work of my lovely assistants , if you would care to check them out.

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