Thursday, October 30, 2008

grr's and growls

This is one of the problems with Painter. Below is a an almost fully animated character after Corel Painter has decided to chew it up.

This is almost the equivalent of a vcr chewing up the only recording of your child being born.

For some unknown reason, after working on this today and saving frequently (painter has been crashing unexpectedly) this image is all that remains of 70 layers of a characters movement in a scene.

This is not a good day. I have a back up that is missing one days work. I suppose I'll have to it again.

please insert as many four letter words here as you think I may have used.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Procrastination Issues 28.

Oscar and Lani. pt 2.

I have also worked worked quite hard today. But still managed to do these. This one is rushed, so rough, deal with it.

Procrastination Issues 27.

If the Cat in the film (Today Only) was more human/cartoony, I'm sure this would be a very different film. His relationships with the other characters could be so much fun.

I present Oscar and Lani.
So the edit is going well and the film is picking up a pace. We have made a few changes but all for the better. It does mean though that I haven't been able to work straight as I had been on the animation and spend time roughing out shots to try something in the edit. Nothing too big though most of the large shots are done these are mostly smaller shots.

Friday, October 17, 2008

in other news...

I'm going to make an effort to not draw myself so much. So just wait for long-haired beardy characters being thoughtful and depressed about film. As well as very bad caricatures of everyone else.

Lets see how long it lasts.

Oh now the edit

Yeah don't tell Lawrence this is on here. It doesn't look like him and then if anything makes him look about 12.

But we are starting to edit now. Making a few bold changes and then seeing a couple that I had in mind starting to work on the page.

oh, it's looking good. Hazarr.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I have returned.

To all of you not reading this, I am back.

I'm not recovered, I'm not relaxed, I'm still neck deep in it and strangely enjoying it.

The diss is handed in, although it took time away from the film. It should be ok, this is an animators impression of how I looked whilst writing my diss. So here as promised are a couple of knocked together frames from the film, to give people visiting this who haven't been working on it and idea of what we are aiming for.

yeah you get the story from that don't ya?