Friday, July 25, 2008

days off

I'm off to my folks se ya later

no procrastination just work

ok so another couple of seconds of animation.

Its a bit of cat for ya.

3 seconds I think!

again quick stuff. The walk after this needs working on so I don't include it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

So lets back in the Habit

Yeah I know. Its been ages since my last post but as I say you know it means that I'm working hard.

So here is a small video of some keys for kyla jumping around in bubbles that I'm quite happy with. Why is it that it's always the things that take you no time that you love and the one you labour over sometimes are just... bleh?

This isn't procrastination, its actually work. My procrastination levels have dropped. Good or Bad I don't know.

I'm going away this weekend and we have the lovely summer party to enjoy tomorrow here. so will Post soon I promise.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Post Gaps

Yeah its been a bad week.

I'll fill you in later.

but I just need to try and work now, but Painter and AfterEffects keep crashing on me.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Procrastination issues 19.

It's been a hard day. I fear I may have to rein back on the coffee drinking as I am unable to concentrate. Although I have been struggling with a shot that is winding me up as well, so I haven't been at my best. A bit tetchy and low. Don't get me wrong I love it and the struggle is fun but sometimes I just want it to fall into place!

I am working on shots at the moment where I have two or more characters in close up on screen at one time. Oh dear. who would decide to do that to themselves? Me. Wally!

Ok so I needed a wind down so here's s couple of pics of the animators so far and then a little extra that I hope they don't kill me for!

Then there's a pic from a while ago from Phil's animation. Well actually its me, Phil and Leigh Alner, Phil's Cinematographer mucking about in the costumes. The fil itself is looking good. Nothing like this pic. I hashed this together. The film looks alot better as you'd expect from Mr Bacon.

Goodnight my eyes are just retreating again.

A Visit today

So as I working away today we had some visitors. A couple of prospective students looking at the school and being given the tour of the animation department. This is the work of one of them, Bianca from the netherlands. Haven't seen her film yet but it look amazing from the blog.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Procrastination Issues 18.

I thought I would get the new animator on my team, Little Li , into the purposeful doodles of Procrastination Issues. As you saw previous post she is already feeling the weight.

She is happier than she seems in these pics. I hope.

And So Left to right, Toby, Little Li and Rich/Guy
....and also Ness was bored and so finally came in to doodle a pic of herself for the Blog (after moaning that she wasn't on here for ages) ans she isn't even working on the film at the moment!

She is currently standing in for Sara Deane shooting Li's (Animation Director) stop motion film and had to be out of the room whilst Aardmans David Sproxton was shown the sets.
I have also added links to sites where you can find the work of my lovely assistants , if you would care to check them out.


... a new member of the team.

Huiyuan Li or just Li as I know her.
She has been animating for a couple of days in a windowless and this is already the result!
Sadly there are no rooms with windows that we can put assistant animators in. I know how it is as I had to assist on one of these films a couple of years ago. Drives you mad!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Plans are failing.

Ok so schedule wise I'm looking good but I had an aim to finish a scene by tomorrow and I can tell you now, two hours before I go home tonight, that it ain't gonna be done. Damn. So do I work on Saturday or try and go to the RCA grad show as I planned if I finished? It looks great and the animation of the characters is coming across so well. Rich/guy has been doing what I believe is more than inbetweening of my keyed characters.

Ok, so on with it now. No pictures of myself today (what a shame, maybe a picture of something besides myself? No chance Sonny Jim) had no time, I want to get this scene done!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Procrastination Issues 17.

So this is usually how I present my work to visitors unfortunately. Dignitaries, Students, Careers Advisers all get the same lovely angle. I don't know why but it just feels odd to be sitting in my chair facing people when they are standing at close quarters, so I am either looking up from under them or talking to crotch. This position says I am taliking to you but have work that I can't turn my back on.

Once the visitors have moved on to other areas I have to play Ping Pong to stretch the back again of course.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Procrastination Issues 16.

So another day of Fairies, but this time in colour! Woo. Thai and Custard are coming to life I don't know if I am working fast enough but the film is looking fantastic. If I can get one scene, the fairies scene finished ( keyed at least) by friday I will be a very happy man and may even treat myself.

So Posture 02 normally when I'm tired, mid afternoon and I'm inbetween coffee's or when I have lost the idea of what I'm doing. This is not a good position, but seems to be how I talk to people when they come in my room as well. I must make the best impression! oh dear.

So confident and self assured or lazy and uninterested?

Procrastination Issues 15

Damn, missed posts this weekend, well in all fairness its actually a good sign as I have been piling on with the work and so not had time to write or doodle much else apart from my work!

I have a scene with a couple of fairies appearing for a little girl and I am having so much fun with it at the moment. The fairies are nice fat fairies and so I can play around with them alot. Tyring to give each one a distinct personality and character is so much fun as I can see them straight away. I'll find out about issues of putting images of my film on here and hopefully show you them soon.

For the moment though here is another issues getting to me that will not please my dad. My posture, I find my self shrinking into different bends and twists as I work it isn't going to be doing my back any good, so to stretch it out every now and then guess what, I play a nice little game of Ping Pong. For health reasons you understand of course.