Procrastination Issues 15

Damn, missed posts this weekend, well in all fairness its actually a good sign as I have been piling on with the work and so not had time to write or doodle much else apart from my work!

I have a scene with a couple of fairies appearing for a little girl and I am having so much fun with it at the moment. The fairies are nice fat fairies and so I can play around with them alot. Tyring to give each one a distinct personality and character is so much fun as I can see them straight away. I'll find out about issues of putting images of my film on here and hopefully show you them soon.

For the moment though here is another issues getting to me that will not please my dad. My posture, I find my self shrinking into different bends and twists as I work it isn't going to be doing my back any good, so to stretch it out every now and then guess what, I play a nice little game of Ping Pong. For health reasons you understand of course.


Anonymous said…
Oh, and I thought that the purpose of the never-ending was to distract me from editing as I discreetly referee!
Anonymous said…
Never-ending ping-pong, that is. Non-linear editing is terrible for making sure that I put everything in the exact order I want it first time.