Procrastination issues 19.

It's been a hard day. I fear I may have to rein back on the coffee drinking as I am unable to concentrate. Although I have been struggling with a shot that is winding me up as well, so I haven't been at my best. A bit tetchy and low. Don't get me wrong I love it and the struggle is fun but sometimes I just want it to fall into place!

I am working on shots at the moment where I have two or more characters in close up on screen at one time. Oh dear. who would decide to do that to themselves? Me. Wally!

Ok so I needed a wind down so here's s couple of pics of the animators so far and then a little extra that I hope they don't kill me for!

Then there's a pic from a while ago from Phil's animation. Well actually its me, Phil and Leigh Alner, Phil's Cinematographer mucking about in the costumes. The fil itself is looking good. Nothing like this pic. I hashed this together. The film looks alot better as you'd expect from Mr Bacon.

Goodnight my eyes are just retreating again.