Render doodles 002

So now Ram Previews are taking forever, and Renders even longer.
AfterEffects is collapsing under the layers, effects and frames.
Its was working fine a couple of days ago, but it just isn't happy now.
So as I wait to see if the correction has worked and the problem is solved I've been doodling. Here's one. Maybe more as it goes on I'll post more.
But I could use the time to do my andacoffee post.


Anonymous said…
I want this as a print.
Toby J said…

I'd give you the original if it wasn't my sketch book cover.
Anonymous said…
Fantastic! I love it
Toby J said…
Thanks Rich, I´ve just sneeked a look at your storyboard too.

Looks amazing, can´t wait too help out.