gaps in the posts, is anybody reading this?

So I am currently trying to finish as much of the keyframing as possible for a review of our work on Tuesday. so I haven't been procrastinating too much (apart from playing my Ukulele). I will add more stuff soon. Still not sure about what I can post so won't put too much of the film here.

Oh oh!! saw Zsolt and Emmauel the other day, they are the Vis Effects guys who are making, texturing and moving the 3D street that will be used in the first shot of the film. Its looks so good. I may be cheeky and see if i can use it more within the film as well just as it could make life a little easier.

And you know what this film still excites me. Each day I am enjoying what i'm doing no matter about how much i moan.

Just to say the ending is yet to be drawn but apart from that i only have 9 shots left to layout. Getting so close now!!!


Anonymous said…
I'm not reading this.
Anonymous said…
I don't read it either..