Mums Birthday

So it was my Mums 60th birthday a little while ago and so my sister Keely and I came up with this book for her that would eventually reveal the real present which was a trip to Barcelona for the weekend.

Its all printed out Golden Storybook size with a hard cover, yay. One edition only.

Don't know if you can read it all in the photos maybe I'll swap it for the page layouts soon.

It was only when Keely got it back to her flat the night before mums birthday that Aaron pointed out that sixtieth is spelt wrong through out the whole book! Aaaaarrrgh poo. oh well. here it is, enjoy.

Inbetween these pages is a page ripped out. Its basically a joke about us not telling mum about some problems because she'll just worry.

Just a detail shot of Keely and I after the treacherous journey.

There's a card in a pocket. We got dad to write the reply, He has quite distinctive hand writing.

The end.

This is a pic of me ma with the book.
Happy Birthday Mum.

...And this was the card I knocked together for her too. Not great, just quick. Csi refs in here.


Anonymous said…
This. Is. Amazing!!!! I love it, great work dude :)
Unknown said…
AMAZING! I love the Professor Layton cameo. Genius!
Anonymous said…
That book is amazing! now I just read that 2 other people said it's amazing! i'm so unoriginal. Anyway. Props!
Dave Stewart said…
Nice hat-tip to Family Guy there!